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Welcome to San Antonio, TX Appliance Repair we are locally established company specializing on San Antonio, TX Air Conditioning Repair. San Antonio, TX Appliance Repair has more to offer than most local contractors.

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At San Antonio, TX Appliance Repair we want to help you managing your busy life and schedule your San Antonio, TX Air Conditioning Repair appointment as conveniently as possible. As always, you can call us at:

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Air-Conditioning Your Home Comfortably and Efficiently


The summer of 221 A.D. was a scorcher in Rome. While most of the populace suffered, the Emperor Heliogabalus could command satisfying relief: he ordered a thousand slaves into the mountains to bring back a caravan load of snow to cool the imperial gardens.

Although the Emperor's way of beating the heat is an interesting sidelight in history books, he was not by any means the father of air conditioning. Centuries before him, Egyptians learned to store water in reservoirs on house roofs to wet down the outside walls. The dry desert winds evaporated the water, cooling the interiors. In India, almost everybody knew that a wet mat, hung in the wind across an open door, cooled the incoming breeze.
These rudimentary systems applied principles still useful today: first, as substances melt or evaporate, they absorb heat from whatever is nearby; second, comfort demands both temperature control and air circulation.

But, for most of civilization, a completely satisfactory way to make people comfortable in hot weather remained elusive. In 1833, a doctor named John Gorrie hit on a pleasing but still primitive way: he blew air over buckets of ice to soothe the fevers of malaria patients in Florida. Gorrie, among others, saw a market for a machine that could make ice. Around 1850, he and other inventors were at work on machines that put the cooling power of evaporation to work under controlled conditions.
In one typical design, ethyl ether, a refrigerant, was pressurized by a compressor and then released in coils, where it evaporated, freezing the water around the coils. This basic refrigeration cycle laid the foundation for the development of modern refrigerators, as well as room and central air conditioners like those described on the following pages.
One major problem remained unsolved. Humidity control, it became apparent, was as crucial a factor in regulating interior climate as temperature and air circulation. Moisture carried by hot air condensed on the cold coils of early refrigerators, reducing humidity slightly; but no one could control it.
A young engineer, Willis Carrier, set out to solve this problem, and in 1902 he succeeded, devising a machine for a Brooklyn printer who had difficulty because his paper swelled on humid days. By controlling both the temperature of refrigerator coils and the volume of air moved by fans, Carrier found he could also control the humidity. He chilled the air, thus forcing most of its moisture to condense; then he mixed this chilly, dry air with uncooled air to release a comfortably cool and dry mixture. This system is the one universally used today.

The price of this comfort is measured by the electricity bills, which, as anyone who pays them knows, rise implacably. One way to conserve electricity is to match the capacity of air-conditioning units to cooling needs. Too small a unit cannot remove enough heat to cool a room. Yet, too large a unit quickly chills the air, but runs so briefly that the slower dehumidifying process cannot remove enough moisture to make the air comfortably dry.

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