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Oven repairs in San Antonio, TX. Same day 24/7. Call toll-free: 210 538-9875

Appliance Repair San Antonio, TX Welcome to San Antonio, TX Appliance Repair we are locally established company specializing on Appliance Repair San Antonio, TX. San Antonio, TX Appliance Repair has more to offer than most local contractors.

  • We provide same day San Antonio, TX County Service 24/7
  • Service call, free with the repair
  • $15.00 off coupon online
  • San Antonio Certified Technicians on All Major Oven Brands/ Models
  • We serve all San Antonio, TX County
  • Low price Guarantee
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed or Your Money Back!



We service entire San Antonio, TX and surrounding areas including :

San Antonio
New Braunfels
Canyon Lake
Live Oak Helotes
Spring Branch

Fair Oaks Ranch
La Vernia
Pipe Creek

Live Oak



Veiw the our entire San Antonio, TX service area


You can always check our easy to repair oven tips or let us take care of all your oven needs.

At San Antonio, TX Appliance Repair we want to help you managing your busy life and schedule your Appliance Repair San Antonio, TX appointment as conveniently as possible. As always, you can call us at:

         210 538-9875        

You may now schedule your appointment online. Please send us an Email at appointment@sanantonioappliancerepairservice.com and submit your name, phone number, address and brief description of the problem. We will confirm your appointment in the next 60 minutes


Oven Efficiency Tips


Manual clean ovens are very practical.
• Continuous clean ovens have a rough textured surface which resists stains for a short time. After a couple of years they look dirty all the time and you will start making excuses to keep a helpful guest from putting something into the oven.
As consumer advocates this is one of the features that really fastidious people will buy ovens with the continuous clean feature, then they are stuck with a slovenly looking oven. After a few years, nothing can be done to improve the oven's appearance.
This is no surprise to the manufacturers. They include cop outs in their manuals, like "soap, abrasive cleaners, or chemicals may permanently damage the continuous cleaning surface. Cooking spills may also cause permanent damage." So what good is an oven that you can neither clean, nor cook in?
• Self cleaning ovens are the way to go if you want to spoil yourself a little. They are initially more expensive and are more costly to repair
• Oven / Microwave, combinations look nice. They are a beautiful futuristic looking piece of equipment. However, if the microwave unit burns out, you will be forced to pay an extremely high repair bill. If you bought both appliances separately, you could just go out and buy a new microwave. Buying the appliances separately will save you a great deal of money.
• Indoor barbecues are a great feature if you like to wash grease
From kitchen walls. They can also be responsible for some of the most mouth-wateringly tender, tempting chicken you have ever tasted. If you select this feature make certain that the ventilation system is installed very carefully.
• Touch pad controls. Look nice and futuristic don't they'? Nothing like the old fashioned knobs on your mother's stove. In my opinion, the world is not ready for these things. They are very fragile, can not be repaired, and are horribly expensive to replace. Even industry studies note that the world may not be ready for touch pad controls."
• Overly sophisticated timing controls are not always the best option. If the unit goes wrong, you can easily be out a couple hundred dollars replacement cost. As a general rule, the simpler the timing mechanism, the. Better. Promise yourself that you will not buy an oven that has a timing mechanism that you do not understand how to use before you leave the store. Make the salesperson explain the timer completely. Make him or her demonstrate. Make him or her teach you how to use it, and practice with the tinier in the store. It is much better to make mistakes on the demonstrator model than on your brand new appliance.
Using the open, oven door as a counter top. A couple of heavy pans on that door, can not only ruin the springs (that just costs you money), it also makes the oven of balance. If junior sits on the door, or starts playing around with the pots, the entire oven may tip forward.

Call us at 210 538-9875 for Appliance repair in San Antonio, TX. Free service call within repair.


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