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San Antonio, TX STOVE REPAIR Welcome to San Antonio, TX Appliance Repair we are locally established company specializing on San Antonio, TX Stove repair. We have a total solution for all San Antonio, TX stove repair needs. San Antonio, TX Appliance Repair has more to offer than most local contractors.

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You can always check our easy to repair oven tips or let us take care of all your stove needs.

At San Antonio, TX Appliance Repair we want to help you managing your busy life and schedule your San Antonio, TX stove repair appointment as conveniently as possible. As always, you can call us at:

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Stove Tips

The electric stove is designed for 115-120 volt and 230-240 volt, single-phase, three-wire a.c. service. Automatic models are equipped with standard 60-cycle timers. Replacement motors are available for converting timers to 50-cycle or 25-cycle service. The fluorescent lamp ballast may be changed for 50-cycle service, but a 25-cycle lamp ballast is not available because of objectionable flicker.
The electric stove must be connected to the power supply and grounded in accordance with the local electric code. The stove service switch or combination stove and lighting switch should have a 60-amp. circuit. An approved polarized stove receptacle should be installed in the circuit at the stove location to permit disconnecting the stove for moving or repairing.
Method of Grounding Stove. Every stove must be grounded at the time of installation. Consult the local utility for grounding requirements. The UL seal of approval on the serial plate means that the stove has met all their safety requirements. UL Form 0 installation means that, according to laboratory measurements of surface temperatures on exterior panels, the stove can be installed against combustible material such as wood cabinets or wood lath walls. UL installation Form No. 1 means the stove is approved for installation 1" from such combustible material. The electric stove has been approved for Form 0 installation.
Service Connection. Electrical service connections are usually made through a 3' flexible "pigtail" which is equipped at one end with a plug for insertion into a standard stove outlet receptacle. This type of connection is generally preferred because it provides a means for easily disconnecting the stove. Metallic conduit must be used where the local code requires this type of connection. The wire size of the service cable should be No. 6 AWG or larger for the two line wires and No. 8 AWG or larger for the neutral wire. The service cable or "pigtail" is not supplied with the stove. It can be obtained at any local hardware store. The service opening provided is a 7/r3" diameter hole scored for a 11/8" knockout. A strain-relief clamp should be secured to the service cable to protect the terminal connections. Line connections are made to the three terminals of the terminal block located just above the service opening. Connect the red, white, and black leads of the "pigtail" to the corresponding terminals on the terminal block. After making the service connection and replacing the cover, the stove may be pushed into position. Remove one of the lower service drawers or the lower front panel and reach through the opening to insert the plug into the stove outlet receptacle.
Method of Leveling. All electric stoves must be level to obtain proper baking results. After the stove is in the desired location and has been connected, proceed as follows: For a level indicator, place a spirit level or a pan of water on a rack in the oven. Remove the two lower service drawers or the lower front panel to reach the slotted ends of the four leveling screws located at each corner of the base. Adjust the leveling screws with a screwdriver until the level indicator is even. If there are no leveling screws, shims may be placed under the base to raise the stove to a level position. Similar Service Raleigh Appliance

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